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About Tourya Othman...

Painting with oil on Canvas has been an addicting experience, the odor of pigment has been in my longs for as long as I can remember, mixing and experimenting with paint, or sculpting in wood, pouring bronze or making films, or molding plaster as I learned at art schools have become essential to my existence as an artist, Having painted all my life to find the holy grail is something I had to learn to get rid of, the more you experiment the more you may learn about your short comings and your strengths rather than the eternal search of recognition from others, it has taken me a life time of years to finally materialize “the Implosion of the sun”.

Layers after layers, paintings after paintings, doubts and expectations hunts you until you know you get it right, the implosion of the sun has taken a whole new meaning in defining realities within my work, it has become a reality check for anything that comes after, although the meaning takes on a whole new layers of qualities of understanding, the outcome has brought me light and light became my aim, painting light has become essential in my work, reaching the unvisualizable, the incomprehensible as a starting point has been more rewarding than I could ever comprehend. There is always that blank canvas in waiting, the less surface effect the better, I remember when I first visited museums and studied paintings I used to get so close to the canvas from all angles to see the stroke as if it was still fresh, the more texture the better so I thought or believed.

Paintings after paintings has brought me to the essential bare texture less pigment, if possible, painting the abstract reality is the unachievable, achieving the pure paint as a mere creation has been an mind bubbling, if I only could paint on a invisible canvas, were meaningless art resurrect from emptiness in a whole different aspects of being an artist, Snza was created with exactly that in mind, from light to the unknown, the endless search of outer existence within ourselves.

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